Hello there, and welcome to my site! Some of you may already know me through the knitting site I established a few years ago, Balls to the Walls Knits, and, as you may have guessed, I'm starting this site with a similar goal in mind. Namely, I aim to post free machine knitting patterns that are:
  1. not boring,
  2. not tedious (if you ever find me hand-twisting a basketweave I promise you have ENTERED MY NIGHTMARES),
  3. beginner-friendly,
  4. and, you know, cute.
Why beginning friendly, you ask? Well, because despite purchasing my machine in early 2017, at the time I found the learning process too frustrating to continue with until I took a class at the Knitting Factory in Brighton in February 2018. And while my virtual instruction can't match an in-person class, my goal for this page is not JUST to post nice patterns, but to provide step-by-step video tutorial instructions that can help beginners like myself get more familiar with their machines while concurrently making something they might actually want to keep (I am also working on both a DesignaKnit-linked double bed Silver Reed and a single bed punchcard Brother, for variety's sake). 

So, bearing in mind that I am not (yet) an expert, I hope that you can find my patterns useful and instructive, and that I can help with questions or concerns. And finally, for my hand-knitting crowd, I plan to provide hand-knitting instructions whenever feasible as well, just for fun, at the end of the post. Because my three children definitely don't keep me busy enough...

And with that -- happy knitting!!!


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